Sandbox simulator for tactical, strategical and technical discussions.

Participants can be across the globe.

Reproduce cities in 3D as they are in the real-world.

Depict any scene you can imagine.

Do what could never be done before in tabletop exercises.

Absolute flexibility.

Go forward and backwards in alternate realities.

Full solution, with benefits and problem solving in mind.

Our simulator and its benefits

While we have…

The first sandbox simulator for corporate use.
The first tabletop exercise in VR using location technology.
The first fully customizable 3rd person simulation for tactical, strategical and technical discussions

It’s more about the benefits we bring and the problems we help solve.


. No more travelling people around for training, as participants do not need to be at the same place.

. System and hardware requirements at accessible price and require no special support for use.

. Our price is amazing because
our cost structure is amazing.


. Participants from different departments reduce issues to preparedness and productivity.

. Easy to use hardware.

. Involve multiple agencies.


. VR leaves no room for slacking,
it is a powerfull “eye catcher”.

. Classical effectiveness problems
of e-learning are not an issue.

. Gamification exactly as gamification must be: motivating and promoting loyalty.


. Internal and/or external pressure for modernization? Not an issue anymore.


. What differentiates us from any possible competition is our inventiveness and resourcefulness.

. The customer will notice this in the cleverness and skillfulness of conception and design.

. The simulator’s features are even more impressive than the very notion of sandboxing the entire universe.


. Discuss processes and routines over-an-over until the team is ready for full-scale exercises.

The Sandbox Simulator

Our solution allows a facilitator to depict any kind of scene:

It can be a small town in Germany with all its buildings as they are in the real-world.
It can be the sea bed of an oil field off the Norwegian coast.
It can be the inside of any edifification.
It can be the innards of machinery or pipes in the soil, under the streets.
It can be maritine traffic routes across the planet.
It can be the site of an aviation accident.
It can be a concept of a city on Mars!

With that scene and many others ready to be accessed at any time in alternate realities towards the past or the future, objects, items, people, vehicles etc can be moved at will or under certain circunstances, if so the facilitator wants.

This nonlinear structure, so flexible and maleable as it is, allows users the perfect environment to discuss:
⦁ tactics and/or strategies,
⦁ proceedures and/or methods,
⦁ technologies in a context…

Now, it may sound as if we are emotionally attached to our solution and are over valueing it…However, the fact is we are the icebreakers.We are disrupting the very hierarchy of training and we are doing it because we “heard” the market and aimed at what people needed solved.

We did so because we have the people we have in our team.

Tabletop Exercises


. Disaster Response
. Military | Security
. IoE Large Scale
. Logistics
. Grids and Infrastructure
. Smart Cities


. Air Accident Investigation
. Maintenance Case Review
. On Demand Interactive Scenes
for News Outlets
. Interactive Scenes for Public Hearings


. Upgrades improvements according to user experience.
. Add-ons; new featurtes and funcionalities.
. Expansion packs; expand what
can be simulated.

About Us

We work to produce customized XR solutions that impact cost, safety, engagement, pedagogy, logistics, problems of scheduling personnel from different organizations and different geographical regions to customers who need to improve tech and methods of discussing about things tactical, strategical and/or technical.

Walter J M Serralheiro Jr

Partner, 51%
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Caio Braga

Partner, 49%
Project manager

Kenneth Bjørheim

Business Development
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Vinicius Pereira Faria

Lead Unity Developer

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