Our team is working with each other one way or another for the past 12 years. This time, we came up with a desire to aim higher then we ever had in our professional lives. We are commited to making something that will go beyond “individual success”. We are intent on achieving that which will be in the benefit of society at large. To do that, we have decided that we will steer our carreers according to the needs of the many by seeking to serve those who are there for all of us in the most desperate times.

Many say if a business is to be prosperous, it has to identify customer needs or wants and meet them. Well, how dignified (and self-rewarding) it is to be market oriented for the needs and wants of emergency responders and relief workers! We are absolutely sure that this start-up just nailed it.

Walter Serralheiro

Walter Serralheiro



IT entrepreneur since the 90s. Psychologist with 14 years experience in private office, 9 years at a special needs institute, 6 years doing psychological evaluation reports of incarcerated criminals, radio program hosting, coaching and conference lecturer. Former social inclusion NGO president with background in voluntary work since his teens.


+47 464 28 226

Caio Braga

Caio Braga



Long experience (23 years) in the broacasting industry. Talented Graphic Design, VFX, Motion Graphics and Projection Mapping professional in the greatest companies in Brazil. A participative leader. Became a VR pathfinder.


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