Whatever project XR Cyberlab is involved, our mission is to take a proactive role in the effort to bring forward socially responsible charged tech. We strive to take a leading position in promoting innovations in the intersection between the public and private sectors. If the service/product is too forthright and we cannot steer our partners and clients towards thinking and acting in a more socially responsible way, at least we will not go along with the typical reputation of tech companies’ unfair labour practices and use of personal data.

There will be a time the commercial value that derives from consumer perception of XR Cyberlab‘s brand name will be one of disturber of the established no one liked and usher of value the market demands.


Our flagship product is aimed at emergency responders and relief workers. These are quite special people. Some put their lives on the line to save ours. Sometimes, daily. And, in an effort to make the product affordable for such important and honorable organizations worldwide, we plan to start some grassroots campaigns alongside the very beneficiaries to boost crowdfunding and seek corporate sponsors to fund, at least partially, our costs.


If Norwegian business and industry are to succeed in their international ambitions, the best enterprises and business communities must work together to find a niche in which they may take a leading position.

XR Cyberlab aims:
To seek collaboration in regional business clusters
• To seek collaboration in order to make the enterprises more innovative and competitive
• To develop local and international business networks
• Collaboration with centers of research and knowledge.